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Lovely Birch Clumps

What else? Conley's staff are plant peopl - and plants, and other products and services directly related to their successful culture, are what our garden center, nursery, and greenhouse are all about.  No herbal remedies, pet foods, cut flowers, tuxedo rentals, or other extraneous products or activities to divert staff energies from our mission: to offer the best selection of the best plants at the best prices - along with the best customer support and service in our sales area, which includes not only Boothbay Harbor, Boothbay, East Boothbay, Southport, and Edgecomb, but also nearby Mid-Coast Maine communities, including Wiscasset, Newcastle, Damariscotta, Bristol/South Bristol, Walpole, New Harbor, Round Pond, Pemaquid, and Westport Island. 

Our Rhododendron display area

Trees and Shrubs - the special forte of our nursery is woody material, and our nursery carries flowering, deciduous, and evergreen trees and shrubs in great profusion.  From “2 gallon” and “5 gallon” size, that almost any homeowner can manage personally, to large material that you’ll need to have installed by our landscaping crew or by one of our friends and colleagues in the local landscape trade (many of whom are customers of ours).

Bloodgoord Japanese Maple

Conley's is particularly proud of the varied offerings of “specialty materials” in our nursery, including Dwarf Conifers, for year-round beauty combined with hardiness and low mainten-ance, and Japanese Maples, among the most distinctive of garden plants.  More information on this material is available on our “Special Interests” page.

Conley's General Manager Larry Knowlton next to an aged Apple tree he has long maintained

By the way the pruning and training of woody material is a particular interest and expertise of our landscaping service, but we’re always happy to share our knowledge with garden friends – even if you didn’t buy the plant from us.  (Maybe you’ll try Conley's next time!)

We can’t forget to mention that the woody plant offerings in our nursery include fruit trees and shrubs – Apples, Pears, Peaches, Cherries, Plums, Blueberries, and Grapes – and based on years of experience with conditions in Boothbay Harbor and surrounding areas, we'll be happy to give you our thoughts on what varieties are likely to work best for you with our northern Winters. 

Lovely Peony

Perennials – our nursery and greenhouse carry a large variety of perennials, along with Ornamental Grasses, many in a range of container sizes.  There are so many great ones, but we find it’s worthwhile for customers to select, not only with a view to appearance, but also with cognizance of the great variability among perennials in terms of maintenance effort required.  If it’s of interest, we have a Low-Maintenance Perennials list.   


Come out where you will on the question of tolerance for the demands of high-maintenance beauties - and whatever your preferences as regards the shape, height, color, and so forth of the perennials of your choice - we want in any case to mention that we're great advocates of the use of “mass” in plantings, and urge you to give it serious consideration.  To really encourage you to give this approach a try, Conley's perennials are discounted @ 10% OFF if you buy 10 or more and discounted @ 20% OFF if you buy 25 or more.  Naturally, you may mix and match to your heart’s content if you wish.  But, in truth, we’re not big fans of the “one of these and one of those” approach; we’re really hoping you’ll try 5 or 7 (or more) of the same plant for some real visual “sock”, as illustrated by the Siberian Iris pictured above.

Annuals, Hanging Plants, House Plants

Lovely Geraniums

In Spring, Conley's nursery and greenhouse are loaded with bedding plants and other annual flowers for your gardens and window boxes. Our Geraniums are as good as they come, and we've priced them to be a real bargain!  And we've got wonderful hanging baskets for that porch or other special spot.

Annuals and Hanging Plants in One of Conley's Greenhouses

If your interest is house plants, our greenhhouse always has on hand a selection of tropicals, as well as a selection of cactii and succulents, which make wonderful house plants and are a particular interest here at Conley's, as  noted on our "Special Interests" page. 


Lovely cactus flowering in our greenhouse

And another


Look for the Conley's sign in the field!

17 Ocean Point Road (Route 96), Boothbay Harbor, Maine 04538

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