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Recently,  Coast of Maine Organic Products, who makes Bumper Crop for Master Nursery Garden Centers, received the following unsolicited letter from a consumer:

"Hi, I have been gardening for about 10 years. Last year I purchased a fruit tree from [a Master Nursery Garden Centers co-op member located in Pennsylvania].  They told me I should buy a bag of . . . Bumper Crop and fill the hole with it when I plant the tree.  I really didn't want to buy it mainly because of the price.  Well I did.  The tree is growing great.  I picked up another bag this year.  I was asked by my brother in-law to start some tobacco plants in my sun room.  He owns a tobacco company.  Anyhow I did. I started 2 trays but only had enough national brand seed starter for 1 tray.  I decided to use the Bumper Crop for the second tray.  I have attached a picture of the 2 trays.  They were started on the same day and were side by side in the sun room watered at the same time every day.  The pan on the right is Bumper Crop.  Although I hate the price, I will never plant anything again with out it. Thanks for making a great product." [Signed by the Customer]  

Wow! Amazing!

What makes this amazing story even better is that - whatever the case in Pennsylvania - the price issue the customer refers to does not exist here.  You certainly won't find Bumper Crop priced equivalently to commodity amendments like peat or manure; it contains these elements, but they're combined with costly, high quality compost elements such as lobster shells, worm castings, and kelp meal.  Plus, Bumper Crop is fortified with mycorrhizal funghi, which have been shown in university studies to augment seedling growth and transplant establishment, enhance plant efficiency in absorbing water and nutrients, increase resistance to drought and pathogens, and generally improve plant health and vigor.  In short, Bumper Crop is a premium soil amendment, and we believe you'll find that at Conley's our pricing on Bumper Crip compares very favorably against the pricing of other soil amendments claiming (with varying degrees of accuracy) to be premium products.

The bottom line here is always the same: there's no better buy in the soil/soil amendment universe than BUMPER CROP organic soil builder!  



Remember, Bumper Crop is available only from Master Nursery member garden centers.

Find a Master Nursery member garden center

Of course, in the mid-coast Maine area, find Bumper Crop organic soil builder and other fine Master Nursery products at Conleys! 


Look for the Conley's sign in the field!

17 Ocean Point Road (Route 96), Boothbay Harbor, Maine 04538

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