Dwarf Conifers: Low Maintenance, Easy to Grow, Hardiness and Year-Round Color,

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Blue Star Junniper

Rheingold Arborvitae

It's a trend: people are turning to dwarf conifers for easy growing, low maintenance, hardiness, and year-round color.

Juniper Communis Compressa

We'd be the last to deny the appeal of gardens with annuals, perennials, roses, and other flowering shrubs.  But these often provide relatively short periods of peak appearance and/or involve "iffy" hardiness (in the case of annuals, annual replacement), and require high maintenance to keep them looking good.  Laying this reality next to their lifestyle goals, many property owners have been looking at dwarf conifers as a highly attractive alternative.

Weeping Hemlock

Most people are familiar with conifers - pines, spruces, firs, "cedars", junipers, etc. But they don't realize the available range of sizes (from 6" up) and shapes (ground-hugging, globes, cones, spires, irregular shapes, weeping shapes). This huge breadth of sizes and shapes makes dwarf conifers much more than just "foundation evergreens" or background "screening plants".

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

For example, many dwarf conifers will cope effectively with windy, seaside garden conditions that would flatten a perennial bed. Others look beautiful flowing across the shelf rock that is so prevalent in our area. Some make striking "accent" plants. Many make fine ground covers. Possibilities abound.

Gold Strike Juniper

The real surprise is color. No, you won't get the full range available with annuals or perennials. But with blues, grays, yellows, oranges, and a range of greens - plus a myriad of textures - the dwarf conifer palate is far broader than most people realize. And very beautiful.

Silberlocke Korean Fir

Best of all: once established, a garden of dwarf conifers demands little effort by the property owner, but looks great all year round!

Globosa Blue Colorado Spruce

We love this group of plants!  We’re very experienced at working with dwarf conifers and have the best selection in the area. We'd be happy to help you to choose plants for your property. And if you wish, our landscape team can do the planting for you (please see our "Landscaping" page).

Prostrate Noble Fir

Green Carpet Juniper



Little Gem Spruce

These are just a few of the dwarf conifers we carry.  We’d love to show you more!

Dwarf conifers even look nice in the snow


Look for the Conley's sign in the field!

17 Ocean Point Road (Route 96), Boothbay Harbor, Maine 04538

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